Installation and Data read/write via Scala and SBT and using spark-shell.

Data Science is one of the hottest fields right now, we are able to drive important decisions about business, innovate products, accelerate different services, etc. Many Data Scientist uses SQL queries for exploring all the available data. Apache Spark SQL helps Data scientists to work with structured Data, have uniform…

Installation and Data read/write via Hbase Shell, bulk loading, and non-bulk loading option!

Over the past few decades, due to the advent of cameras, sensors, smart devices, etc, we have increased data generation by many folds. Today industries are looking into big data to store vast of data as well as to get some valuable insight from it that can help to drive…

Sanjay Vishwakarma

Research Software Engineer at IBM Research (IBM Quantum) | IBM Quantum Ambassador | Qiskit Advocate | MS @CMU | Ex-BNP Paribas | Views are my own

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